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Access Ramps

If you require an access ramp and do not have the funds to purchase one on your own, we can help.

The Foundation provides loaner ramps, or you can buy an aluminum ramp and utilize the 40% FLHF discount. These ramps are not permanent and can easily be installed and removed, then used in another location.

If you need more permanent access, the Foundation can help you buy the materials for a wood ramp. We work with a variety of volunteers to help build them.


Follow these steps:

1.  Find out if you are income-qualified

(Fluvanna County is considered part of the Charlottesville area for determining AMI)

Aluminum: can be moved when no longer needed

Wood: for more permanent use

3. Fill out the Service Request form

(You do NOT need to be the homeowner to have a ramp installed, but you do need the homeowner's permission!)

2. Know what type of ramp you need

Complete the form online


Print it out and mail it to the Foundation

You may also call our office at  

(540) 967-3483 with this information

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