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Essential Home Repair Program

The FLHF Essential Home Repair Program can help you make critical repairs to your home. We assist with repairs for the following:

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  • Roof replacement

  • Heating and cooling system

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical systems

  • Well repair

  • Septic system repair

  • Hot water heater

We may also be able to help with other types of home repairs.

We work with residents to obtain grant funds to help cover the cost of major home repairs. Typically, the grant does not cover the full cost of the repair, so FLHF provides zero-interest loans and reasonable repayment terms. Below is one example of how a loan might work:

Total cost of repair: $6,000
Grant funds: $3,000

Homeowner down payment: $500
Homeowner loan: $2,500
Balance paid in $100 monthly installments over 25 months with 0% interest. 

How can we do this?  As other people with loans pay back their home repair, we recycle the funds back into the community.  Your repair is possible due to someone else paying back their loan.  When you repay your loan, you will help someone else afford their home repair. 

Follow these steps:

1.  Find out if you are income-qualified

(Fluvanna County is considered part of the Charlottesville area for determining AMI)

Find out how much it will cost by calling two or three contractors for estimates so we will know a little about the approximate cost

3. Fill out the Service Request form

2. Know what repairs you need

Complete the form online


Print it out and mail it to the Foundation

You may also call our office at

(540) 967-3483 with this information

(for example, try to find out if the water on a wall is from a break in plumbing or a roof leak)

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