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Financial Education

The FLHF has three education programs: 

  1. Budgeting and Credit Reports

  2. On the Path to Home Ownership

  3. First Time Homebuyer

The FLHF works with you to evaluate budgeting, credit history and finances to improve your credit score and increase financial knowledge to move renters into home ownership. 

We provide help with applications for down payment assistance and HUD Counselors to obtain an affordable mortgage. There are local and state programs that offer assistance and we can provide help in finding them. 

Wherever you are on your path to financial education and creating a better future, we are here to help. 

First Time Homebuyers.jpg

Follow these steps:

Gather the necessary information, such as income and expenses and references

Print out and complete the intake form following the instructions

2. Submit the Intake Form

The intake form cannot be submitted online

Print it out and mail or bring it to the Foundation at

144 Resource Lane, Louisa VA 23093

Call our office at

(540) 967-3483 with any questions

  • Meet with Foundation staff every three months

  • Receive counseling on repairing or building credit, increasing savings and improving your financial position.

  • Talk with our network of real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, appraisers and home inspectors.

  • Set goals to lead you down the path to home ownership.

  • Be prepared to purchase your home at the end of the year!

The Foundation is currently creating educational programs for first-time homebuyers. In these programs you’ll learn about mortgages, credit, types of homeownership and everything else you need to know to become a homeowner.

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